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Power Hour

You set the agenda for our one hour power session! Whether you want to talk strategy, problem-solve, or learn new skills, this hour is all about you. We'll help you accomplish your goals.

Let us give you a helping hand and

Guide you to Success.

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.”

— Brian Tracy

Author & Motivational Speaker

Solve your business frustrations.

You put in long hours but you're still not getting the results you want. It's time to learn how to work smarter, not harder. Bringing in a coach can help you...

Get Back Control of Your Life

Your time is your most valuable asset. Guard it well. Let's make sure you're using your time efficiently so you can make time for what's important.

Increase Profits

Let's put systems in place to eliminate wasted time, energy, and resources. Let's capitalize on revenue opportunities within your business.

Reduce People Issues

Learn how to manage people in a way that reduces turnover, encourages worker and client satisfaction, and creates a motivated harmonious environment.

Discover New Ideas for Growth

Sometimes we get stuck and we need fresh new ideas to renew our enthusiasm. From ideation to implementation, we can help.

The Right Coach will Ignite your Passion

Renew your enthusiasm for achieving your goals of more success and greater profitability. Everything is just a little easier and smoother when you have an expert there to guide you.

Your Coach can Help You...

Authentically align your business strategy with your values, mission, and vision.

Save time and increase efficiency with repeatable, scalable systems & automations.

Make an impact and increase profitability through power partners, marketing, and sales.



Christine Deane's superpower is the ability to envision the possibilities and turn that into reality.

As a master strategist, Christine will clarify your vision and develop it into a viable scalable business with repeatable systems, then connect you to Power Partners, Fulfillment Partners, and trusted Marketing Professionals. You'll also have access to her long list of resources.

When it comes to your marketing, Christine can help you design and execute marketing plans. She can either coach you through execution or offer you Done-4-U Marketing Services.

As the founder of DFW Networking Diva, a strategy, networking, marketing and communications agency, Christine can help you whether you’re just starting out or wanting to grow.

Christine is the perfect coach for you if you're looking for:

  • An entrepreneurial coach & mentor who can help you get organized & grow

  • A Marketing Director who can create and execute marketing plans

  • A project manager to help you get tasks completed

  • A teacher who will help you learn new skills

Invest in 60 minutes of Coaching:

See Greater Success

Problem Solving: Smoothly Tackle Challenges

Every problem has a solution. Sometimes we just need an outsider's perspective to see the possibilities.

Accountability: Create & Achieve Attainable Goals

We hold those who work with us accountable. But who helps you stay on track? Stay focused on your priorities.

Organization: Prioritize what's Important

Sometimes we're so deep in the daily grind of our business that we miss the big picture. Fresh perspectives encourages growth.

About Us

We work exclusively with solopreneurs, small & medium businesses, and nonprofits who have big hearts and want to expand their mission to help more people.

If you're a mission-driven organization, let's work together to build, scale, and connect with your community through strategy, networking, and marketing.

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Money back guarantee. If, by the end of your coaching session, you didn't learn anything valuable, we'll refund your investment.

"I want to see you dream bigger, think, bigger, and act bigger. I'll inspire you so you can continue to inspire others."


Christine Deane

Founder of DFW Networking Diva

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